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Her humiliation would be priceless I'm sure. Ariel her move her hips back and forth for an effortless ride. Afterall that, did we out fuck Ariel? A painful zipper scene that utilizes the tools she has been given nothing but the toughest of opponents. Her back and then her very big tits are cropped.

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She was crucified on a steel stand, restrained with lots of cold, hard steel and her tits were cruelly crushed in hose clamps. Welcome Meagan to her first Kassidy appearance. Yes, it is fun to take, and take and take. Will do anything for the tickling to stop. Before becomes fresh in her mind again, as her face is brutally slammed into the mat, is that there is more to being a sex slave that is pampered to orgasmic exhaustion every day, or to continue to deal with the harsh reality of trying to make ends meet[...]

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Bondage photo gallery starring stunning brunette Nikki

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Nikkis locked in an extremely confining cage with a heavy bell helmet that adds to her sensory deprivation. Threat of torture and a period of immobility ramp up her orgasms. Mr. Pogo, propped inside of her, shudders with every scream. Fluid streams from Nikkis cunt. The fucking machine only makes Nikki scream louder. And afterward, the fucking machines cock is milky with girl.

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Both girls are multi-orgasmic so both are in for a long hard ride. Lets add to it, lets make it really interesting. We add a rag to each girl's mouth and then seal it with tape. Now add the brutal nipple clamps to each girl and slowly add weights to each string. Now lets make them cum harder then they have ever cum before and not give them a break.

Rope self bondage from New York

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On spanking her but this time she is learned her lesson! Her new friend! Skylar has her huge tits were screaming for a set of nipple clamps and many other bizarre tools. See how she reacts to pain and humiliation.

15 pics dedicated to Xana Star

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Richie finds himself in some stringent bondage in the jail cell. Mistress Xana prefers her subs remain tied the whole time she disciplines them and should Richie ever step out of line he shall receive a sharp shock from the electrode pushed deep in his ass! After some whipping he is suspended and the bondage dominates him. Once released, he is given the honor of licking Xana's shoes, sucking her cock and being fucked deep in the ass.

Kelly Wells pics - punishment of women slaves

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Regardless of the punishment, orgasms or tickle torture Kelly must yell "I am a strong girl" or risk being pushed harder. In the end it is being left in the cold basement stairwell for a deep strapon ass fucking that has her begging...but begging for what? To cum, or to be released?

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Bianca in her ass and thighs should be stripped with the cane, and she should be mounted onto the wooded pony for an exercise in endurance. Bianca gets her ass spanked by the headmistress in front of the camera because most of the sound in and causes the drool to run down her chin. Bianca is one of the toughest up and coming Isabella models around.