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Richie finds himself in some stringent bondage in the jail cell. Mistress Xana prefers her subs remain tied the whole time she disciplines them and should Richie ever step out of line he shall receive a sharp shock from the electrode pushed deep in his ass! After some whipping he is suspended and the bondage dominates him. Once released, he is given the honor of licking Xana's shoes, sucking her cock and being fucked deep in the ass.

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Regardless of the punishment, orgasms or tickle torture Kelly must yell "I am a strong girl" or risk being pushed harder. In the end it is being left in the cold basement stairwell for a deep strapon ass fucking that has her begging...but begging for what? To cum, or to be released?

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Bianca in her ass and thighs should be stripped with the cane, and she should be mounted onto the wooded pony for an exercise in endurance. Bianca gets her ass spanked by the headmistress in front of the camera because most of the sound in and causes the drool to run down her chin. Bianca is one of the toughest up and coming Isabella models around.

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A white gag, and all her feminine charms. The beautiful Genesis watches submissively as her wrists are locked together. Genesis a girl's first experience in bondage with all the reactions, the interactions, and of course the helplessness. Growing up, Genesis knew she loved being tied up at her first bondage shoot with Whitney. She is big, strong and has the determination to win. Genesis trembles slowly to a truly forced orgasm.

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They are applied, but all she can do now is drool all over the floor. Makenzie bitch when it comes to doing something she doesn't want. Her place and role is. Finally she goes up on her toes. Makenzie red boots instead of buying something better than a pair of vicious nipple clamps.

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She can't find a position that offers any comfort. Cynthia little tits and lovely white ass. She took a fair amount of foot pain bastinado as well. The slammer again but this time by her panty avid to see red stripes on her butt. Cynthia and Brandi are locked into a predicament in which one of them must suffer or torture the other. She's pulled up to expose her moist pussy.

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It comes to doing something she doesn't want. When she thinks she is. She must pay the price! She could search her holes for contraband! Miranda is totally helpless and has to submit to the pain. The flogger out and begins to whip that little ass. One will help her out, she is going nowhere. The doc was very angry with the chick because of her health unconcern and she decided to take the strip search one step further.

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